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Hair Remover Smooth Touch Removal Painless Light Safely Sensor Shaver Women Laser Epilator 2 IN 1 USB Rechargeable Portable

Products Specification

* Rechargeable & Safe Pain Free & Quiet
* Can Use For Face, Arms, Under Arms, Legs, Bikini And Belly etc.
* Battery voltage:3.7V
* Battery capacity:380MA
* Working current:0.25A


100% brand new and high quality

Its ideal for women of all ages,get those soft smooth legs you always wantend, get rid of facial hair without painful plucking.

Pain free hair remover

Instant, pain-free hair remover thats safe and gentle on the most sensitive skin

Safe on all skin types and colors

Ideal for facial hair and perfect for bikini,belly,arms and under arms and it is safe on all skin types and colors.

Micro-oscillation technology

It has micro-oscillation technology that sweeps away unwantend hair in one step,without pain or irritation, unlike laser or thermal hair removers.

-Other Features-


For Trimmer Head Use:

Touch the trimmer head to skin to begin hair removal of longer hair. The purple sensa light guide and the green activation LED will remain on while the unit is in use. Hold the to skin and gently glide the head of the unit along skun in the opposite direction of hair growth at a 45 ° angle ( NOT straight up and down).
Do NOT apply excessive pressure during use to avoid damage to skin or head of unit. Discontinue use if any skin irritation results.

For Microfoil Head Use:

For hair stubble or any short hair not removed by the trimmer head select the Microfoil head. For best results while using the Microfoil Head, hold the unit straight up and down (NOT on a 45 ° angle) and apply moderate pressure, moving the unit back and forth until hair is removed.

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Steps to follow when operating the product

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